New Patients

Welcome to Acupuncture Together! Here are some things to know before your first treatment:

All treatments are $28.00.

Please print, fill out, and bring the New Patient forms to your first treatment. If you cannot do this, please arrive 10 minutes early in order to have time to fill out the forms and start your treatment on time.

Download New Patient Forms

We work in a group setting at a low cost, because acupuncture works better when treatments are provided frequently enough to make a real change.

At Acupuncture Together, here’s how your first visit works:

  • If you don’t bring your intake forms already filled out, you will fill them out and then pay for the first visit.
  • You’ll head back to the treatment room, choose any open seat, recline and relax.
  • Ashley or Charlotte will review your information and health complaint(s), then meet you at your chair and ask a few questions to discern the appropriate treatment.
  • She will insert the needles and make sure you are comfortable.
  • You’ll relax for about 45 minutes, then Ashley or Charlotte will remove your needles and recommend a treatment plan for you.

When you return for your next treatment, you will simply pay the $28 fee, and be invited to go in and choose a seat. Ashley or Charlotte will check on your progress, ask relevant questions, insert your needles and leave you to rest.

We let the needles do the work in a calm, peaceful setting.

Clinic Etiquette:

  • Please silence your phone, enter the clinic quietly, and use your “library voice” to help preserve the calm environment.
  • Please do not wear cologne, perfume, or strong smelling body products.
  • You may listen to music or a meditation on your phone/iPod (with headphones) during your treatment.
  • Wear loose clothing that can be pushed or rolled up to expose your legs and arms. Shorts and tank tops are good if the weather allows.
  • We recommend not consuming caffeine before your treatment because it makes it harder to relax.
  • Please be considerate of other patients and adhere to appointment times.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first visit.